Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our upcoming Getaway to Tulum, Mexico

Leeman and I have been really busy with work and decided it was time for a quick little getaway! I had to complicate things by wanting something cool, not too cliche, close by and affordable while still being luxurious, but not too extravagant. We had a really difficult time narrowing down our selections, but decided to make it a new place. After some serious research, a very late night (3:45am), and a sore butt and neck from sitting weird on the couch while surfing the web it has been decided, we are going to Tulum, Mexico. Luckily when I started showing Leeman what I discovered, he agreed, phew! The beaches are crystal clear, it has a bohemian yoga community feel, the food scene pretty cool, and an ideal place to walk or ride your bike. We are deciding between a few places. This jungle beach house seems really cool and far cheaper then any hotels or this villa, which is a little pricier but has the feel of a small boutique hotel. Here are some places we are looking forward to eating:

This is the place I wanted to stay, but it was already booked. It is a perfumery, hotel and spa so I think we are visiting the spa one day.

in a nutshell this is what I hope our trip entails...

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  1. It looks very inviting! I would love to take a trip like that. Maybe after the house is built. I am very excited for you. Can't wait to see your pictures.