Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dreaming of a christmas party....

I love the idea of having a Christmas party this year, but it will have to wait till 2011. I am headed to Costa Rica on December 17-24 and I will not have the time. Instead I will do what I do best and plan the party in my head. A Wintery White Christmas is the theme. Outside of course there would be a blanket of snow, and inside it would be mimicked with the creative use of doilies. I would probably make it a Champagne & Desserts party because why not indulge. Tis the season for giving so I would have little favors for my guest all wrapped beautifully. In my dreams I knit up a storm, so homemade knitted treats for all. If you were hosting a holiday party what things would you make sure to include?

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  1. Mmmm, I would be a little more mysterious. I would wear a wool bomber jacket with a done-up collar, aviator sunglasses (they will probably only last that, nice pair of jeans, and a pair of DSquared combat boots! Of coarse I would bring a case of my favorite wine packaged to the 9'